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What does a CrossFit Fenton Class Look Like?

We are often asked what crossfit class looks like at CrossFit Fenton.
We follow a very specific timeline, starting with a briefing of the workout at the whiteboard, a general warm up, a skill specific warm up, all before starting the workout. After the workout, we spend a few minutes cooling down and stretching before wrapping up at the 1 hour mark.


CROSSFIT Group Classes

The fitness program you need to deliver the health and fitness results you’ve been searching for.  CrossFit is the world’s premier fitness program – using functional movements at high intensities to drive the most effective results in a format that changes every day you come in. No matter your age, abilities, or experience, CrossFit will challenge you to your abilities and unlock your true physical and psychological potential.

Come experience a high-energy training session led by our best-in-class coaching staff that combines weightlifting, gymnastics, conditioning, running, rowing, and more. Classes are 60-minutes in length, complete with a full warm-up, movement instruction and skill development, workout, and cool down.  We take all of the planning and thinking out of your training to allow you to show up and work out.


The CrossFit Teens program is designed specifically for high school students looking to improve athletic performance, develop strength, power, speed, and conditioning. The improvements in fitness will also lead to greater self-confidence and a positive self-image.

CrossFit and weight training is not only completely safe for teenagers; it’s vitally important to their physical development and injury prevention.

CrossFit Teens is held Monday through Thursday from 2:45pm – 3:30pm for ages 13-18, coached by only CrossFit Kids certified coaches.

CrossFit Light

CrossFit Light

Do you want to start CrossFit or a new fitness program but have told yourself “CrossFit is too much for me”? Then you’re perfect to give our CrossFit Light program a try! CrossFit Light is a 45-minute class designed to help you “learn and burn” – learn the foundational strength and conditioning movements of CrossFit while getting a great sweat during the session. Welcome to all genders and all ages over 18.

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