Why CrossFit Light Might Be Right For You

Starting a new exercise program can be very intimidating. The number of thoughts that run through our heads about how we’re “not ready”, “need to get in better shape first”, or “I’m going to be the worst one there” are all comfortable lies that keep us from doing the thing we know we need to do.

Why CrossFit Light Might Be Right For You

Most people agree they would prefer to work out in a small group environment, would prefer coaching and training to ensure they are performing the movements safely and effectively, and prefer to be told what the workout is as opposed to needing to come up with their own workout. While CrossFit classes deliver on all three of these fronts, the idea of being able to start in a class that’s designed specifically for beginners is very helpful to those that are intimidated by the first steps. That’s why we started a CrossFit Light program here at CrossFit Fenton.

CrossFit Light is a 45-minute long crossfit-style class that is geared specifically towards beginners. The goal of the session is to get a great sweat on over 15-20 minutes while learning 1-2 functional movements common in CrossFit training. The session starts with an overview of the workout of the day, followed by a general body warm up with machines and light calisthenics. The coach then instructs proper technique of any movements found in the workout that day, and the participants are given opportunities to sample a variety of weights and movements to find the right one for them that day. Once everyone is ready, the workout starts and participants work at whatever pace they can sustain for the duration of the workout. We finish the session with some light cool down work and stretching.

Who is CrossFit Light For?

Anyone! But specifically for those looking to get started in an exercise program or their first exposure of a crossfit-style workout. Males, females, younger, or older – we can tailor this workout to meet you where you’re at and get a great workout in.

Is CrossFit Light Easy?

CrossFit Light selects simplistic crossfit movements, but that doesn’t mean the workouts are easy! The workouts will be as hard as you are willing to work, and you will be able to increase intensity of the workouts over time as your fitness improves.

What if I’m really out of shape. Can I still start?

YES! Our gym exists to help people of the Fenton area get into the best shape of their lives, and that means starting somewhere! The CrossFit Light program is perfect for those who are most out of shape and ready to make changes to their fitness program.

Ok I’m ready to start. What do I do?

Great! Text or call us at 810-354-5025 to get signed up and started. CrossFit Light runs Monday – Friday 10:30am – 11:15am. We look forward to you joining us!